The DASH-2 is a training guide for C-141 pilots which consolidates important information from different sources and organizes for a quick review. The information is presented chronologically as often as possible, beginning with Flight Planning and proceeding through other phases of a typical mission until Landing. A review of the Bold Print emergency procedures and other critical action non-bold face procedures comes next, followed by cold weather procedures, limitations, systems, ERO procedures, and an FSAS start-up guide.
References have been given where possible.  The "code" for these references is as follows:
  • D = Dash - 1
  • P = Performance manual
  • A = AFI 11-2C-141 V3 (C-141 Operations)
  • F = AFI 11-202 (General Flight Rules)
  • I = 11-217 (Instrument Flying)
  • T = Technique
The first number given is the chapter, the second number is the page.  For example, (D/3-2) means the reference is the Dash-1, chap. 3, page 2.
Most of the information is basic and will probably not change significantly, but it would be a good idea to annotate changes in your printed copy when they do occur.
The DASH-2 is produced by the 702nd AS, USAF(R), McGuire AFB, NJ, and published for your use by your local DOT. Please submit any suggestions/corrections/etc., to: 702 AS (USAFR) McGuire AFB, NJ, 08641.
The DASH-2 was converted to html and placed online by 21 AF/SEF.  Send suggested changes to the DASH-2 Online to:  Thanks for your input.


This page is for phone numbers and other information you may want to add for your use. Some suggestions are given.
TACC (HILDA CONTROL, all numbers DSN):
  •  OPS CENTER DSN:576-2227
  •  East Cell (21st AF): 576-1703/1748
  •  West Cell (22nd AF): 576-1704/1749
  •  Logistics Readiness Center 576-1763
  •  Emergency Action Cell 576-1706
  •  Senior Controller 576-1705
  •  TACC Weather 576-1796
Flight Planning
MISC.: BBC News: 9410 (HF)
MARS: 13927 or 14606 (HF)