WARNING: If any abnormal brake pressure is observed during ground operations, check the anti-skid power, emerg. brakes, normal & emerg brake pressure circuit breakers. If open, reset and check brake pressure. If abnormal pressure is still observed, insert landing gear safety pins from inside of the aircraft. No further troubleshooting will be attempted. (D/3-43)
If the normal brake pressure is low, place the brake selector switch to EMER. (D/3-43)
Deplane the scanner to check for a locked wheel if the det out light illuminates or flashes while taxiing. (D/3-43)
Obstacle clearance:  25 ft/ 10 ft w/wing walker. (A/5-5)
Min. taxiway width:  50 ft./ 15m (A/5-3)
180 turn:  137 ft./ 41m (A/5-3)
Taxiing from a 50' taxiway to another 50' taxiway without fillets is not recommended. (A/5-3)
180 turn not allowed on the closed rwy (Sierra taxiway), RWY 18/36 or the asphalt portion of 06/24 at McGuire. (A/10-15)
Rwy 06 at McGuire: under Cat II ILS conditions, do not taxi past the Cat II hold line unless directed by tower. Bravo taxiway will be closed. (A/10-15)
If carrying hazardous material (1.1 or 1.2), do not use the main ramp at McGuire unless closed rwy (Sierra) is blocked or unusable. (A/10-15)