Takeoff and Landing ( may be made if ):

  • The thunderstorm or CB's and gust front, if present, can be avoided.
  • The distance from the storm is increased ASAP after T.O. to meet the 10/20 NM criteria.
  • The aircraft is not flown below thunderstorms, CB's, or through the rain shaft associated with these clouds.
  • A missed approach course from the missed approach point is available which will provide separation similar to that for departure. (A/6-7)


An a/c will not be flown at night unless it is equipped with operative position, anti-collision, cockpit instrument, and landing lights. (F/2-12,5-24)
Other than appropriate navigational equipment, flights conducted in IMC also require: (1) operative pitot heat, and (2) operational icing control equipment designed to cope with the type and severity of known or forecast icing conditions, except for a brief exposure when climbing or descending.  (F/2-12)