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Wheat is Murder!

It's time to stand up to the anti-plant vegetarians and vegans and support our wonderful plants! We have to reverse the anti-plant bias shoved upon us by organizations promoting vegetarianism such as PETA. So-called "crop plants" are just as much alive as any farm animal. They shouldn't be treated as inferior simply because they can't walk or don't have a face--plants are living, breathing organisms too.

One Cow = Thousands of Plants

Why should we sacrifice hundreds of thousands of wheat and corn plants as food when one moderate size cow can provide the same level of nutrition?

Wheat Plants Await Their Horrible Destiny

Put yourself in a wheat plant's shoes and think about what it must be like to await the arrival of the farmer's combine to cut you down at the ankles, throw your dying carcass into a truck for transport to a mill where your body will be ground into dust.

The term "Vegetarian" is a misnomer--they heartily push for the killing and ingestion of vegetables and plants, all in the name of protecting animals.  They should be called "Anitarians!"

Machines of Slaughter


We must stop the senseless slaughter of defenseless plants.

The Killing Fields


The Truth in All its Vulgarity--Rice in Body Bags

The members of PETP (pronounced "Pet P") do not promote an all meat diet, that would be stupid, we just want people to seek a commonsense balance in their eating behavior. Please, please eat meat and vegetables (what a concept).