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How to Run a Power Cable Through the Mini's Firewall

By Rob Robinette K9OJ

Wiring a Ham Radio in the Mini Cooper

Here's how I ran an HF Ham radio's (amateur radio) power cable from the battery through the Mini Cooper's firewall and into the cabin.

Open the hood (bonnet) and remove the battery cover by removing two bolts and pulling it straight up to unsnap as shown below.


Snap off the "Through Hole" cover using a small screwdriver to release its three catches. The cover is shown below.


I used a box cutter to slice a cut in the end of the large through hole nipple (where the red and black wire is exiting the cover below). I then pushed a coat hanger through the hole from the engine side down about 10 inches. The coat hanger was easy to see from the cabin just above the fuse box at the passenger's right foot well. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to bend a loop in the hanger just big enough to put the power through. I then taped the power wire around itself to make as small as possible. I then sprayed the wire with silicone to make it easier to pull through the rubber Through Hole. (I couldn't get it through without the lubricant). It was then easy to pull the wire from the cabin, through the through hole into the engine compartment. I then crimped on the wire spades and connected it to the battery.

Don't forget to snap the through hole cover back into place. The battery cover left side (nearest the fender) slides into place first, then pull the hood sealing gasket out of the way and push the battery cover into place straight down where it will snap in two places on the front edge.


Rob Robinette K9OJ

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