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Submit DIYLC File For Custom Hoffman Circuit Board

Hoffman Amps can turn your DIYLC (Do It Yourself Layout Creator) circuit board drawing into a perfectly sized eyelet or turret board. Just go to his DIYLC to circuit board webpage and upload your DIYLC file. This service is so easy to use to create a high quality turret or eyelet board that I have stopped making my own boards. I just upload my DIYLC file and Doug sends me a board a couple of days later. Doug's prices are very reasonable too. A Blackvibe turret board costs less than $20.

DIYLC is a freeware program for creating electronic layouts. It's what I use for all the layouts on RobRobinette.com.

If you don't use DIYLC you can design your turret or eyelet board on this Hoffman circuit board design page and Hoffman will build the custom board for you.

Doug Hoffman also offers up a library of DIYLC circuit board files which can save you a crap ton of time when laying out an amp. Check out the Hoffman DIYLC Library here and his forum page about DIYLC files.

Here is a list of all my Hoffman circuit board DIYLC files.

Perfect! This 16.5" x 3.125" turret board cost $44.68, of which about $13 is Hoffman's labor and a $5 setup fee. Graphic by sds1 @ TDPRI.


Comments and corrections are always welcome at robinette at comcast dot net.


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